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    I Have Endometriosis, And These Leggings Are The Only Kind I Will Wear

    I wore these for 27 hours straight and my endometriosis-bloated stomach didn't even notice.

    Hello world, Lara here, and in case you have not yet heard — I have endometriosis. It is very not fun, and causes a lot of abdominal discomfort and bloating.

    Because of the bloating and discomfort, there are certain days when yoga pants and leggings are simply too tight and I am forced to wear very baggy sweatpants or zero pants at all. Literally anything putting the slightest amount of pressure on my abdomen makes my pain 10x worse.

    Lara Parker

    You may think all leggings and yoga pants are created equal, but I promise you, they are not. So when I was recently researching some very abdominal-friendly leggings/yoga pants and came across the Align leggings from Lululemon I was skeptical, to say the least. First of all, why are they so expensive? Second of all, are we sure they aren't going to squeeze my abdomen? Because I've been down this road before.

    Lululemon / Via

    These particular pants, according to Lululemon's website, are supposed to lie flat against the skin and avoid digging in, while also feeling like a second layer of skin.


    I obviously didn't trust ordering them online without feeling them myself first, so I went to the store and requested the pants immediately.

    @hengliuliu / Via

    As soon as I touched the material, I knew they were different. I allowed myself to be hopeful. The material is so soft, yet durable, and the stretchiest shit I've ever seen. I went into the fitting room to try the pants on and they felt like a very sexy butter caressing my legs. They are true to size, and very stretchy.

    Lara Parker

    This is me wearing the leggings. ^^ It's also very worth mentioning that I was on my period when trying them on, and I knew I would be able to tell immediately if they were too tight on my abdomen. They did not fail the fitting room test. I felt zero discomfort.

    I bought them immediately, still slightly skeptical, but optimistic. I knew the real test would be when I wore them for longer than three hours. And I'm here to report that after wearing them on a flight from London to Los Angeles on a trip that was about 17 hours in total, I had zero abdominal discomfort from the pants.

    Lara Parker

    Can you even believe? Because I could not.

    In conclusion, I could not live with myself if I did not share this knowledge, because quite honestly these leggings have changed my life and they are worth every single penny.

    Lara Parker

    You can buy your own pair from Lululemon for $98 (available in sizes 0–14 and in 17 colors).