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    22 Male Fashion Trends We Used To Absolutely Drool Over

    I love your Adidas track suit.

    1. Sideways trucker hats on on people who weren't actually truckers:

    2. Backward visors to protect the back of one's neck from harmful UV rays:

    3. Unbuttoned shirts exposing white Hanes undershirts:

    4. Oversized brown leather jackets to protect from all of the earth's elements:

    5. Oversized football jerseys that cover your butt:

    6. Incredibly baggy pants that made it rather difficult to walk:

    7. And round belt buckles with scenery engraved in them in case someone wants to stare longingly at your crotch:

    8. Tinted sunglasses that don't keep you from squinting:

    9. And tinted sunglasses that also happen to be flesh-colored:

    10. Long necklaces that get tangled together when you walk:

    11. And graphic tees under blazers:

    12. White ribbed tank tops to show off the bod:

    13. And furry paperboy hats:

    14. Goatees that were not at all ironic:

    15. And woven necklaces:

    16. Graphic tees that may or may not make sense:

    17. Diamond earrings to ice up each ear:

    18. And cornrows that meant you didn't have to wash your hair for days:

    19. Frosted tips that probably inspired today's ombre look:

    20. A combination goatee AND mustache:

    21. Denim from head to toe:

    22. And, of course, Adidas track suits: