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The 18 Different Types Of Travelers

Everyone has a destination, but we all have a different way of getting there. Which one are you?

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4. The Chiller

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They have no plans. They just go with the flow and see where they end up every day.

Likely destination: They have no idea. They'll figure it out later.

6. The Budgeter

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There is no room to have one drink that wasn't budgeted for.

Likely destination: The exact place they have been saving for over the last six months.

8. The Guidebook Memorizer

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Knows everything there is to know about everything in the city.

Likely destination: The most popular places found in the guidebook.

9. The Know-It-All

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They know everything about this place and the culture and you definitely DO NOT.

Likely destination: Probably someplace you've never heard of.

11. The Never, Ever Has a Checked Bag

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And is super judgmental toward those who do. "Have fun waiting in line for your unnecessary belongings."

Likely destination: Someplace with limited resources. #MinimalistLife

14. The Complainer

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Expects everything to be exactly like it is at home. Complains when it isn't.

Likely destination: Place with the most similar culture to their own.

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