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    17 Away Messages Every Emo Kid Used In 2007

    Dreamin' of Pete Wentz <33

    1. When you had a crush:

    2. When you just couldn't deal with the BS:

    3. When you had an inside joke:

    4. When you were going to sleep with your feelings:

    5. When you were busy blogging and feeling things:

    6. When you and your S.O. broke up:

    7. When you were working on your hobbies:

    8. When the new Warped Tour lineup came out:

    9. And when you got back from Warper Tour:

    10. When you were sick:

    11. When someone was a total poser:

    12. When your friends helped you connect with your emo roots:

    13. When your mom had zero chill:

    14. When your mom just didn't understand:

    15. When you were at the school dance:

    16. When you were dating your emo soul mate:

    17. And when your parents just didn't understand: