Getting Healthy: Expectations Vs. Reality

Mashed Potatoes are basically vegetables, right?

1. Expectation: I’ll just join a gym! That will hold me accountable plus there’s probably a bunch of hotties up on the treadmills. Win-Win.

2. Reality: Excuse me, I must have misheard you. You said a membership costs HOW MUCH?

3. Expectation: I’ll use my apartment complex’s workout room!

4. Reality: All the treadmills are taken.

5. Expectation: I’ll eat organic!

6. Reality: Sorry, I can’t afford a $6.00 loaf of BREAD.

7. Expectation: I’ll do at home yoga!

8. Reality: What is she doing? How am I supposed to get my body to do that? I can barely clasp my bra. Is she triple jointed?

9. Expectation: I’ll get up before work and jog so that I won’t have to worry about it the rest of the day.

10. Reality: When the alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. I laugh and then roll back over and go to sleep.

11. Expectation: I’ll make a Pinterest board to inspire me!

12. Reality: 3 hours have passed and still no working out but I have some good recipes to try out.

13. Expectation: I’ll make a running club with my friends!

14. Reality: 5 different schedules = open Saturday morning and that sure as hell isn’t happening.

15. Expectation: If I have cute workout clothes I’ll totally want to work out.

16. Reality: I don’t want to sweat in these clothes. They’re so cute. I think I’ll go to Target instead and have everyone think I just hopped over from the gym.

17. And finally…Expectation: It won’t be that hard to cut out sweets.

18. Reality: Halloween candy is now on sale. I mean, you can’t just say no to that.

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