December In College Vs. December As An Adult

One time I grew into an adult and it really sucked.

1. College: Sweet, like nine days of class and finals, then we get a month off! Guess we should study.

Adult: End-of-year reports. Wrapping up yearly sales and campaigns. A solid 28 days working this month because we spent our PTO in July. AMATEUR.

2. College: Everyone gives you money or gift cards because you’re a “broke college student.”

Adult: You have a job so people assume that you need pots and pans or dish sets. WE HAVE BILLS. WE HAVE BILLS AND TAXES AND STUFF.

3. College: You get to start fresh with new classes and a new schedule!

Adult: Same schedule. Same job. Same desk, even.

4. College: You can go crazy for New Year’s. You have a solid 10 days to recover.

Adult: You have approximately 12 hours to recover. Choose wisely.

5. College: Mom still pretends Santa exists.

Adult: Santa is gone and so are Santa’s presents.

6. College: You have a month of snow days.

Adult: There might be a foot of snow but you’re still expected to show up at work. Oh, there’s a foot of snow and you drive a Cavalier? Don’t care.

7. College: Christmas check from Aunt Lisa. It’s a tradition.

Adult: Christmas bonus checks were cut on account of ECONOMY.

8. College: Your parents already have the Christmas tree up when you head home for the holidays!

Adult: Christmas trees cost way too much money. Looks like you won’t be decorating this year.


Adult: Crisis at work on Christmas day. Checking your email AT HOME.

10. And finally…College: Four months of class left then it’s summer break!

Adult: Counting down the days until the next national holiday aka no work. I’m waiting for you, 4th of July.

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