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10 Side Effects Of Wanderlust

Wanderlust: the desire to travel. The impulse to go places and discover. The longing for a city that has yet to be explored by your senses. And the need to always be planning your next journey.

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4) Your work productivity will decrease. Look, once you type in "wanderlust" on Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit or even're done for. Next thing you now, two hours have passed and all you can think about it is elephants.

5) You will spend a ridiculous amount of money on anything that has a map. Phone covers, posters, sheets, notebooks, pens, towels, passport covers, shirts, etc.…you name it, I want it. It reminds me of future adventures.

7) You will lose sleep. You will stay up late at night thinking about all the places you have yet to see. Then you might try to narrow it down to a top 5 list. Then you might try to imagine that feeling you get being in a new country. Then, it's 4 a.m.

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