A Guy On Facebook Live-Status’d The Harry Potter Movies

… and it was glorious. Truth bombs were dropped. Arguments were made. Friends were lost. In the aftermath I like to think we all learned something about ourselves. At the very least, we learned a hell of a lot about Harry Potter.

1. It began quietly enough…

2. But we quickly realized… this would be no ordinary set of status updates…

3. By movie 3… support was flooding in

4. But the haters began to emerge as well

5. But nothing held Pete back from making the best Facebook statuses of 2013

6. He made some pretty good points.

7. And lines were drawn in the sands of friendship.

8. *Cue the Law and Order sound* Monday morning. One day of statuses has passed.

9. Movie 5 was full of realizations.

10. By Monday night I turned off the TV completely, made popcorn, and watched my newsfeed for 3.5 HRS. Because YOLO.

11. This is Tuesday now people, the third day of statues.


13. With so little of the movies left, I found myself getting all sentimental…

14. But one of Pete’s final statuses made it all ok again.

After 3 days, over 70 Harry Potter related status updates and countless angry Facebook citizens, it was over. Pete was a Facebook legend.

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