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19 Reasons Why Idris Elba Should Be Batman...

You can tell me I'm wrong, but I'm not.

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7. Let us begin the argument portion of this rant with the worst argument out there: "But he's british!"

Really? First, our last Batman was British. 'House' is British. 'Loki' is British. 'Spiderman' is British. Cut it out, you're embarrassing yourself.

9. "But he's already a part of the Marvel Universe."

Fair point. Except for the fact that Ben Affleck (New Batman) was in Daredevil, Chris Evans (Captain America) was in the Fantastic Four and Ryan Reynolds was in the Green Lantern (as the Green Lantern) and the upcoming Deadpool (as Deadpool).

10. "He's too old."

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Are y'all just playing with me on this one? He's 1 year younger than our new Batman, Ben Affleck. Plus, where is it written that Batman is a young man? Am I reading the wrong comic books?

11. "He just doesn't have the experience."

Idris starred in one of the most highly acclaimed TV shows of all time, The Wire. In the past three years, he's been in Thor, Pac Rim and Prometheus, all while acting in his own TV miniseries, Luther, and guest starring on The Big C.

12. Oh you haven't heard of Luther?

His character, by the same name, is the ultimate flawed hero. He makes his decisions for the greater good based on a strong internal moral code. Think 'Sherlock Holmes' meets 'Columbo' at a party that 'Dexter' is throwing and then throw in some 'House.' He also wears the same tie and jacket all thought the series- the shows own version of a cape. Idris won a golden globe in 2012 for his performance.

14. No but really... Even the pilot is perfection.

What's the absolute counterpart of a man who lives by his own set of rules but hides within the law? Moriarty? Naw, not quite. I can't say more because of the spoilers... but watch out. Alice is smarter and more ruthless than any woman you've ever seen.

15. "Ok, you've made your point- but he's been in a lot- maybe he's too well known?"

This one has the skeleton of a good point. But in looking at his roles- you realize there hasn't been one film role that has defined him as an actor. In Thor, he's a gatekeeper, in Prometheus, a Captain. In the past year, Pac Rim, sure. But he wasn't the main character in that either. At this point- he deserves to run his own show.

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