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There's This Thing Called Detox Water You Should Know About...

Detox fruit water is taking Instagram and Pinterest by storm, becoming the new obsession of every health guru on social media; and as they will tell you, DW is not only great tasting but it's amazingly good for you! Here are some really delicious detox fruit combos to upgrade your water.

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Sliced strawberries + Water + Mason Jar

(Fresh strawberries help can burn stored fat, boost short term memory, and even has anti-aging properties among other things) it's super delicious.

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A classic favorite:

Sliced Lemons + Ice Cubes + Water + Mason Jar

(Lemons are virtually a super food super hero, having numerous health benefits including weight loss, cleansing, nervous system benefits, diseases, digestion, etc.)

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Orange + Blueberry + Mint + Mason Water

(Blueberries pretty much reign as the antioxidant champions clearing free radicals from the body that cause disease and pre mature aging as well as promotes brain health, aka, "brain food" duh)

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Cucumber + Lime + Ice detox water

You really need to be down with cucumbers, why?

(Cucumbers shoot you up with a dose of vitamin B, great for hangovers and quick pick me ups, they're also great for skin, hair, and breath)

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