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6 Stages Of A Relationship In Taylor Swift Songs

Where ever you are in your love journey, Taylor has probably made a song about it...

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The Infatuation Stage.


Aka, The Tears On My Guitar and...

You Belong With Me stage.

Yup, it's all fun and games with the flirting and notes and liking someone who ACTUALLY likes you back.

Haters to the left...

The Honeymoon Stage.

Aka, the Love Story stage. Feels like this...

But Looks like this...

The Inevitable Breakup Stage

Aka the White Horse, WHY WAS I SUCH A FOOL!!??? Stage.

.....ALL THE FEELS....

The Inevitable Make Up Stage.

Cause who needs to learn from their mistakes???

.....Annnd The Ever Inevitable Last Breakup, What Was I Thinking??? I. AM. SO. DONE......Stage.

Also known as the I Knew You Were Trouble stage.

You may find yourself waking up in a field somewhere, surrounded by hipsters, wondering who gave you this haircut...

Which Finally Leads To The Sassy "Over You" Stage.

.......And you were NEVER that great of a kisser anyway! Be Gone!

And Declaring Your Self Assured Independence.

Aka the, you guessed it, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Stage...

This stage is best served posting your totally awesome insta pics and reminding them of what they're missing out on.

You Do You Swifties!!

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