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    • lanettearduinit

      There is nothing wrong with using email but it is a problem when it has become the single most important means of communication we currently have. I use email and all of my friends and most of my family do as well. But it is cold and impersonal no matter how many “lol” or smiley faces you attach. And the meaning behind the email is left to the perception of the reader and not always what the writer intended thereby sometimes creating questions in the readers’ mind therefore generating more emails to clear up misunderstandings. What ever happened to good old-fashioned letter writing or just chatting on the phone from the COMFORT OF YOUR HOME? (cell phone conversations are a real sore subject for me as well but not the topic here). Email is great for communicating with agencies where otherwise I would wrack up a phone bill just for waiting on hold for a long period of time. So by email it will take you two business days to get back to me? I can wait. I agree though. Email is not the problem. It is a problem with our society that we don’t care enough to keep the personal touches alive and well. We are not just becoming a society where the faster the communication the better my life; but a society where everything is done through email. We are rapidly losing our ability to relate to one another face to face and will one day find ourselves never having to leave our homes to have any personal interactions with others. It will all be done on line. I find this very sad.

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