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    This 65-Year-Old Christian Guy Blasted The Australian Christian Lobby On Live TV

    More like *takes deep breath* LGBTIQ&A.

    Meet 65-year-old John Faulkner, who blasted the Australian Christian Lobby during Q&A on Monday night, asking: Who gave you the right to speak for Christians?

    ABC TV

    His question to the panel came in the midst of a fiery discussion about same-sex marriage.

    "I'm a 65-year-old Australian Christian. At least I try to be," Faulkner started.

    "There are many Australian Christians who support marriage equality but they don't remember appointing [Managing Director] Lyle Shelton and the ACL to speak on their behalf. The example of Christ is completely contrary to what the ACL is promulgating with its hate campaign."

    "Who gave Mr Shelton and the ACL the right to speak for all Christians on the matter of marriage equality?"


    The audience was pretty into it.

    And then Shelton said that the Australian Christian Lobby actually doesn't claim to speak for all Christians.

    ABC TV

    "Yes, our name is Australian Christian Lobby but just as the Australian Labor Party, they wouldn't claim to speak for all workers."

    Shelton said that all of the Christian denominations in Australia oppose same-sex marriage – except for the Quakers, who he inexplicably threw a bit of shade at.

    "I think we are just being up-front and honest about our name but certainly all of the Christian denominations in Australia – all of them except for the Quakers, who I have hardly heard of – they all support a marriage between man and a woman."

    Someone pointed out that 40 religious leaders recently spoke out against the proposed plebiscite on marriage, distancing themselves from the ACL.

    Shelton said many more religious leaders opposed same-sex marriage, and just didn't receive the same amount of attention as those who support it.

    "We are in line with what Christian churches teach, what the Bible teaches," he said.

    "Who gave the ACL the right to speak to all Christians?" #qanda