These Baby Koalas Are Newly Out Of The Pouch And OMG They Are Cute

    *unintelligible squealing noises*

    A tiny koala joey has emerged from his mum's pouch just in time for Christmas. LOOK AT HIM.

    Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo

    The as-yet-unnamed marsupial, who is seven months old, began popping out of his Mum Sydney's pouch in the past week.

    The incredibly cute duo live at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.

    A koala spends the first months of its life in the pouch, only popping its head out in month five or six. By seven months, it is ready to face the world.

    “It’s a bit hot inside that pouch on steamy summer days, so he’s started to climb out and sit on Sydney’s head or cling to her belly and back,” said koala keeper Laura Jones in a statement.

    Like most of us, the joey will be putting on weight over the Christmas period.

    “He’s still climbing back into the pouch occasionally, but it’s a tight squeeze and his arms or legs are often sticking out. By New Year’s Eve I don’t think he’ll fit back in."

    Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo

    But he's not the only kid in the koala pen – an eight-month-old joey came out of the pouch earlier in December.

    Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo

    She's already getting into eating eucalyptus leaves, assisted by her mum Willow.

    Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo

    “She’s begun to nibble on leaves while Mum is having breakfast," said Jones.

    "She’s a bit awkward and clumsy trying to get the leaves into her mouth, but she’s getting better every day."


    Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo

    The keepers are still deciding on names for the two little bubs.

    Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo

    The Taronga Zoo media office told BuzzFeed News the names would have an "Australian theme" and be revealed in the new year.

    In the meantime, they're having a great old time riding around on their mums.

    Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo

    OK, that's all, bye now.

    Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo

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