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    People Are Using #PutYourWalletsOut In "Sympathy" With Bronwyn Bishop

    The embattled MP resigned from the Speaker position on Sunday.

    Bronwyn Bishop resigned as speaker on Sunday after taking a few too many dips in the public purse.

    And now, people are using the hashtag #PutYourWalletsOut in a sign of, er, sympathy.

    #PutYourWalletsOut #choppergate #auspol

    Started by Twitter user @slopezAU, the sentiment taps into similar hashtags used for online mourning in the past.

    @slopezAU #PutYourWalletsOut #choppergate #auspol

    But this time, no-one is *really* feeling very sorry for Bishop.

    Her woes began when the Herald Sun revealed she had spent over $5000 on a charter helicopter flight from Melbourne to Geelong.

    Bishop initially refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing.

    But after each new week saw more lavish expenses revealed, she finally offered her resignation to the Governor General on Sunday.

    And despite prime minister Abbott's best efforts to lay blame on the system, not Bishop herself, it seems people on social media are not buying it.

    Something to ease the pain. #putyourwalletsout

    I need a new wallet but I'm broke. Shame there's no way for me to rort the system within the rules #putyourwalletsout

    #IStandWithBronwynBishop #PutYourWalletsOut

    Vale #BronwynBishop, and thanks to all the #choppergate joke/meme creators #auspol #PutYourWalletsOut

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