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This MP Coined A New Term For Straight Marriage And It’s Making People Mad

"Marriage integrity."

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Social services minister Scott Morrison tweeted on Sunday morning that he supports maintaining "marriage integrity" – more commonly known as marriage between a man and a woman.

I support maintaining marriage integrity & getting on with the job of economic and national security

And people aren't too keen on the new phrasing.

@GrogsGamut @ScottMorrisonMP what even is integrity of marriage

Oh wow is “marriage integrity” their thing now. 😐


"Marriage integrity". Give me a break.

A lot of people have pointed out that heterosexual marriage hasn't always lived up to its own standards – and so putting it on a pedestal by saying "marriage integrity" is a little awkward.

If you think #MarriageEquality and marriage integrity are mutually exclusive, you are basic. #auspol

Things like divorce, for instance.

@ScottMorrisonMP #marriageintegrity when will you be intro'ing a private members bill to ban divorce?

How ridiculous. Let's end divorce if you want to preserve marriage 'integrity'. Equality is not a distraction.


@ScottMorrisonMP @political_alert What does "marriage integrity" mean? There are a lot of marriages devoid of integrity #MarriageEquaility

And the legal and custodial rights afforded to non-married couples.

I guess since ScoMo has come out strong for 'marriage integrity', de facto couples will be stripped of all legal and custodial rights, yo.

Channel Nine's recent show Married At First Sight, where strangers walk down the aisle, got a mention.

As did Kim K's 72-day effort.

And, of course, Britney's infamous 55-hour-long marriage.

With a cross-party bill set to hit parliament in August, Australians could be hearing a lot more about "marriage integrity" in the coming weeks.

ScoMo holds a heterosexual marriage up to the light and pulls out his jeweller's loupe. "Yes, the integrity is sublime. Flawless."

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