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Everyone Is Enthralled By This 9-Year-Old Boy's Superhero Wish Coming True

Go Domenic!

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This is 9-year-old Domenic.

Make A Wish

Domenic, who has cystic fibrosis, wants to be a "real-life superhero". Luckily, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and NSW Police have commissioned his services to help them save a local journalist who has been kidnapped by the evil and conniving Ultron.

Domenic took a helicopter ride to his secret mission at NSW Police headquarters...

...and got into proper superhero gear before setting off to rescue journalist Hope Joy.

#IronBoyAU on his way from police HQ to his first mission... He tells me he will "defeat Ultron once and for all."

Naturally, fans across Australia large and small are eagerly following Domenic's heroic mission.

An amazing @MakeAWishAust wish is coming true tomorrow…We're with you Iron Boy! #IronBoyAU

#IronBoyAU is my new favourite superhero. The ONLY superhero.

#IronBoyAU is the hero Australia has been waiting for.


Enjoy your day mate hope you inspire other sick kids to stay strong and positive :) #IronBoyAU

We believe in you #IronBoyAU to save us from that evil villain Ultron! You can do it! ❤️👍 well done @MakeAWishAust

The world truly needs #IronBoyAU A new hero.

pretending I have watery eyes from looking at my computer screen, truth is every #IronBoyAU photo and tweet is hitting the feels 😢💕💕✌🏼️

Politicians sent Domenic their best wishes.

Ultron must be defeated. Iron Boy - you’ve got this. The city is counting on you. #IronBoyAU

Hopes of the city riding with #IronBoyAU today, go well.

He even started trending on Twitter.

#ironboyau is now trending in Australia

Famous faces jumped on board, with Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth sending Domenic a shout out.

And Robert Downey Jr too!

Sent a very special boy on a top secret mission today. Go get ‘em, Domenic! #IronBoyAU @MakeAWishAust

Only time will tell how his heroic mission plays out – but we've got a feeling Domenic will come out on top.

Make A Wish

All the best, Iron Boy – we're all rooting for you.

#IronBoyAU The citizens have placed their faith in you and are watching the skies. You are our last hope.

Lane Sainty is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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