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    17 Things You Probably Didn't Know Came In Cute Mini Versions

    They're just... so small.

    1. This teeny tiny toolkit that you can actually use.

    2. This steam iron that fits in the palm of your hand.

    3. These petite casserole dishes.

    4. This extremely mini fridge.

    5. These tiny wire whisks.

    6. This itty-bitty dustpan and brush.

    7. These mini chalkboard signs.

    8. This micro arcade game player.

    9. This set of very small colanders.

    10. This mini handheld cordless vacuum.

    11. These baby-sized cards and envelopes.

    12. These tiny little carabiners.

    13. This mini hair straightener.

    14. These pocket-sized clipboards.

    15. This teeny tiny Etch A Sketch.

    16. This countertop mini waste bin.

    17. These baby jars of Marmite.