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    17 Things To Help Solve All Your Hairy Girl Problems

    Thick hair is a blessing when it's on your head, but can be a chore if you want to remove it from your body.

    Just a quick note to say, if you love your thick body hair and choose to go au naturel, this is beautiful and we support it. But if there are any parts of your body that you do like to de-fuzz, and really struggle with the problems that come with it, we hope these things can help!

    1. This moisturising razor, for a quick and easy fix.

    2. This moisturising shaving gel, that won’t clog your drain.

    3. And this shower and shave cream that’s specially designed for ~down there~.

    4. This 100% natural shaving kit that has all the bases covered.

    5. This moisturising balm to help soothe and soften your skin.

    6. Using this epilator is a good option if shaving doesn’t last long enough for you.

    7. Use this exfoliating brush before epilating to get your hairs to stand up, making them easier to grab.

    8. And use this exfoliating scrub after to prevent ingrown hairs and moisturise your skin.

    9. These ice packs will help to reduce redness after epilating or waxing.

    10. Say goodbye to ingrown hairs now that you’ve met this ingrow go lotion.

    11. This tweezer kit to tackle any smaller hairy situations.

    12. And this facial hair trimmer if you want to get rid of any peach fuzz.

    13. Or if you prefer waxing, you can start with this pre-wax cleansing gel for sensitive skin.

    14. This wax melter will save you (and your wallet) a trip to the salon.

    15. Use it with this tea tree soft wax for sensitive skin.

    16. And don’t forget these waxing spatulas.

    17. And finally, make sure you moisturise afterwards with this soothing post-wax lotion.