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10 College Roommates You'll Meet From "The Hobbit"

Desolating apartments since the Third Age.

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1. The Radagast

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The Radagast spends most of their time on the couch, only getting up to search for the phone they were just texting with ten minutes ago. Their aloofness is rivaled solely by their creativity, but if they do manage to string enough words together in the right order then you'll find them one of the friendliest roommates you'll ever have.

They might or might not be hitting the Longbottom Leaf a little too hard.

2. The Gollum

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If your apartment is turning into a cave, you might be living with The Gollum. Temperamental, sloppy, and loud enough for two people, they swim in filth and flash you a pair of big, blue Elijah Wood eyes whenever you ask them to clean up. Want to live to see the Fourth Age or ever have company over? Find yourself a new roommate.

3. The Legolas

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The Legolas has it all. The brains. The brawn. The hair. They seem so perfect it's almost like they aren't even human. Hopefully you enjoy living in their shadow, because they're also probably taller than you.

4. The Tauriel

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This roommate comes in a matching set. The Tauriel spends almost every waking moment with the love of their life, or talking about the love of their life, or traveling across the country on foot to hold hands with the love of their life. Caution: May not be a full person.

5. The Smaug

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You'll never see The Smaug. They spend all of their time in their room, only awakening to feast before returning to their lair. You might even begin to lose some of your own food, or even your valuables, which will mysteriously turn up among their collection.

6. The Thorin

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A born leader at heart, The Thorin has no problem giving orders, but their rules and schedules come with an obsessive desire to have everything their way. Whether they're the King Under the Mountain or the Burger King, watch out for their big tempers and bigger egos.

7. The Alfrid

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The Alfrid is a human chameleon. They copy your schedule, your style, your speech, and even the way you smell after they get a whiff of your shampoo. It's hard to know what purpose they serve in life beyond wandering around like a lost Hobbit.

8. The Azog

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Good luck trying to understand anything The Azog does. Maybe you're not speaking their language or they literally don't speak your language. You'll need more than subtitles for the way they act, the way they cook, and the way they dress. Seriously, who jams a spike into their arm?

9. The Gandalf

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You see their milk in the fridge and their towels in the bathroom, but living with The Gandalf is like rooming with a ghost. Except when they are there, action erupts like fireworks. The Gandalf means well, but the constant party following them around could end in hospital bed.

10. The Bilbo

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The Bilbo enjoys a tidy bookshelf, a well-stocked kitchen, and a warm evening with a pipe and quill. They might be passive aggressive here and there and back again, but they're eager to please and they don't let their adventures get too noisy. You might not even notice they're there.

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