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The 10 Stages Of Shoe Shopping

These boots were made for walking, so I'll buy 20 pairs.

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1. As any woman (or man!) knows, shoes make the world go 'round. So that's why when you hear there's a shoe sale, you drop everything and YOU GO.

2. You arrive at the store, and automatically you are bombarded by the sales associate.

"Oh, no thank you, I'm- I'M JUST BROWSING OK????"

3. But soon, you are overwhelmed with the glorious opportunities.

4. So you decide to try everything in sight.

*I don't know any store that sells glass slippers, but if ya do, LET A SISTER KNOW

5. UH OH. They don't fit!


6. Then you desperately look for that sales associate that bothered you earlier.

Why are they never there when you need them?!

7. You finally find them, and they help you out!

8. They go, searching for your beloved shoes in the magic realm known as "The Back." BUT THEN THE SUSPENSE COMMENCES.


9. GREAT NEWS: They have your size! BAD NEWS: They are wayyyyyyyyy out of your budget.

10. So you pack up your bags and admit defeat....UNTIL NEXT WEEK

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