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A Definitive Ranking Of Disney Park's Snack Food

Let's be real, the real reason why we go is for the snacks.

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10. Burgers At Various Stops in the Parks

The burgers aren't bad - but they aren't amazing. What's nice though is that some burger joints in the parks they allow you to customize them, but some don't (cheese seems to be the only option sometimes). Good if you're in the mood for a quick burger, but don't expect a lot of flavor.

5. Mickey Waffle Sandwiches at Magic Kingdom's Sleepy Hollow

Relatively new to Disney, these waffles sandwiches (AKA waffle tacos) get a one-up with some of the yummiest fillings ever. A little pricey, but well worth every penny.

2. Disney's Dole Whip at Magic Kingdom's AdventureLand

Possibly the best dessert in the parks, the creamy pineapple soft serve with fresh pineapple juice is hard to beat! They even have pineapple/vanilla swirl for twice the flavor!

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