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24 Outrageous, Hideous, And Just Plain Weird Awards Season Dresses

I mean, WHAT were they thinking???

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So in honor of such occasion, here are 24 of the most "OMG WTF IS THAT?" dresses that celebrities have worn many moons ago.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow's "Look Ma, No Bra" Masterpiece

There's something missing to this dress and I'm afraid it's quite obvious. Granted, this may have been a trend in the 90's, but I feel like even Gwen knows how awkward this dress was judging from her face. Never again, Gwen, never again.

12. Uma Thurman's Ode To Curtains Dress

It looks like table cloth or curtains, tied together with a scarf. But not even this dress can take away from her true beauty. Even the guy in the background is mesmerized.

16. Charlize Theron's "My Face Is Up Here" Garb

Another actress whom I adore that decided to wear something a bit distracting. The dress itself is not the worst, but the boob flowers and overall wrinkle-ness kills it for me.

18. Amanda Coigney's Triangle Appreciation Dress

1) The dress is too big for her small frame. 2) The upwards triangle does no favors to her shape. I feel that if the skirt was half the size it was it actually would've been a cool gown.

21. Melissa McCarthy's "Eh" Dress

I'm actually mad that I had to put this on here, because I felt Melissa deserved a better dress than this. It hardly gives her any shape besides being a gray square. She should have worn a dress that made her just as beautiful as the woman she is.

P.S. Just another example of how I think designers discriminate against "bigger-than-stick-thin" women. sdjifeijsnesojfrjofow0wjcn

24. South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Yes it is true. This is South Park's creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone attending the 72nd Academy Awards for their Oscar-nominated song "Blame Canada." But boys - if you want to be fabulous, there are far more flattering choices, mmkay?

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