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18 Surefire Signs You Are A Psychology Major

Stay Jung, my friends.

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1. You psycho-analyze your friends (and yourself!) even though your professors told you not to.


You're pretty sure your evil teacher in the 9th grade was a sociopath.

2. You've probably seen What About Bob? 100+ times in and out of class...

Uh, like the BEST MOVIE EVER.
Touchstone Pictures

Uh, like the BEST MOVIE EVER.

3. That or Silence of the Lambs.

Orion Pictures / Via

...or maybe this is? THEY ARE BOTH AMAZING FILMS

4. You can't help but make jokes or laugh uncontrollably whenever you go over Freud's theories.

Fox / Via

5. You have mixed feelings about the DSM.

"I'd like to think of them as more as guidelines..."

"I'd like to think of them as more as guidelines..."

6. As long as they can be, you LOVE taking personality tests.

Disney / Via

It's also fun to see how right (or wrong) the descriptions are.

7. You know that writing lab reports can be a drag.


Intro, Materials, Method, Results, Discussion, AND Bibliography?? Gag me with a spoon.

8. It always creeped you out that Zimbardo ended up marrying his grad student that told him to quit his experiment.

This is the face of a man that locked students in a basement. A BASEMENT.

This is the face of a man that locked students in a basement. A BASEMENT.

9. Thanks to the Piliavin study, you can't help but watch the "What would you do?" segments on ABC.

View this video on YouTube

Cheers to those that stepped in. Seriously.

10. You know at least one person (or it's you!) who is OBSESSED with Dexter.

Showtime / Via

A sexy serial killer, that's what.

11. Your non-psych friends give you strange looks for carrying around books with the titles "Abnormal Psychology," "Serial Killers and their Victims," and "Creating the Perfect Ego."


I swear, they're for a class!

12. You wanted to punch the psychologist who coined the term "Affluenza," the idea that someone could not possibly know right from wrong because they were too SPOILED, in order for a teen who killed 4 in a drunk car accident to not be sent to prison.

Here's more info on the case.

13. You're pretty much the advise giver/shoulder to cry on one in your friend group.

CBS / Via

"It's ok, it's ok - but really, bro, snap out of it."

14. You were distressed and pissed off to learn that it is 10x harder to get into Clinical Psychology/Psychiatry School than it is Medical School.

BBC / Via

But, it's not like we have to learn how to do surgery or something!!!

15. You can't help but people watch wherever you go.

Universal Pictures / Via

Or, you know, spy through peepholes.

16. You hate it when you hear someone use "I'm, like, so depressed" or "I'm fat. I should be anorexic."

Warner Bros. / Via

These are real disorders, people. Don't use them in the wrong context.

17. HOWEVER, you feel awesome that if you happen to do run into someone with a problem, you can provide resources for them to get help.



18. And lastly, you feel empowered that you can understand why we feel the things we feel, and are ready to go help the world be a happier place!

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Good luck future Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, and Social Workers. WE LOVE YOU!

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