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18 Surefire Signs You Are A Psychology Major

Stay Jung, my friends.

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8. It always creeped you out that Zimbardo ended up marrying his grad student that told him to quit his experiment.

9. Thanks to the Piliavin study, you can't help but watch the "What would you do?" segments on ABC.

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Cheers to those that stepped in. Seriously.

11. Your non-psych friends give you strange looks for carrying around books with the titles "Abnormal Psychology," "Serial Killers and their Victims," and "Creating the Perfect Ego."

12. You wanted to punch the psychologist who coined the term "Affluenza," the idea that someone could not possibly know right from wrong because they were too SPOILED, in order for a teen who killed 4 in a drunk car accident to not be sent to prison.


14. You were distressed and pissed off to learn that it is 10x harder to get into Clinical Psychology/Psychiatry School than it is Medical School.

16. You hate it when you hear someone use "I'm, like, so depressed" or "I'm fat. I should be anorexic."

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These are real disorders, people. Don't use them in the wrong context.

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