The 22 Most SWUG Things You Have Done This Semester

You are officially a "Senior Washed Up Girl," and you own it.

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1. Refused to dress to theme.


They might as well called it "Corporate Bros and Office No's" because there is no way you were going to put on skimpy business-wear to see the same people you have been around for the past four years. And yes, you wore all black to a highlighter party.

4. Made best friends with your couch.


Remember when Thursdays were thirsty? It's just so much easier to quench your thirst with a bottle of wine and the second season of "30 Rock" that you haven't seen since last semester.

6. Pretended to be a smoker so you would have an excuse to leave the bar.


There are just a lot of underclassmen in there and it's weird to stand outside alone if you're not doing anything and it's just one cigarette and why did you even come to the bar to begin with?

7. Wore the same sweats to class two days in a row.


Senior classes are really hard. Why make them more hard by looking good? You need room in your clothing to grow your knowledge. That's how it works when you're a SWUG.

8. Became out of touch with campus gossip.


You have enough on your mind with your thesis, your future, your wine and what Jess is doing on "New Girl," so being in touch with who made-out with whom is a lot to handle on top of all this.

13. Spent more time talking to the owner of your favorite bar than mingling with your peers.


Bar owners are great. They are so wise and have great advice about where to get your car fixed locally and it can be fun to watch freshman get denied at the door.

14. Pregamed happy hour in your Friday lecture with a water bottle of wine.


Now that you are twenty-one there is nothing stopping you from enjoying some godly nectar in your class that goes until 4 pm (except possibly open container laws and university policy).

18. Cried a little over a picture of you when you were a freshman.


You still had your high school body. You were tan because the summer before was spent outside enjoying your youth and not in an office building your resume. You wore jeans to class more than once a week.

19. Stopped crying about it because you realized you are a better person now and when you were a freshman, you were scared of seniors like you.


When you were a freshman, you knew nothing about your school. You had no idea how to work the system. Now, you know everything you need to work the system, both socially and academically. Remember being a freshman and wondering how all the seniors were so self-assured? LOL.

20. Lived out this video and loved every second of it.

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22. Came to the conclusion that you may have been SWUG for a few years, despite only having been a senior for a few months.

It takes time to get into a SWUG mindset. You may not have been close to this level of SWUG when you were a sophomore but you were probably on your way.

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