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    The 22 Most SWUG Things You Have Done This Semester

    You are officially a "Senior Washed Up Girl," and you own it.

    The "SWUG" movement officially started at Yale a few years ago, but senior ladies at universities everywhere have been SWUGs long before the official title was declared.

    1. Refused to dress to theme.

    2. BYOW'd a fraternity party.

    3. Realized that some of the freshman got their driver's license last year.

    4. Made best friends with your couch.

    5. Forgot that freshman girls wear heels out.

    6. Pretended to be a smoker so you would have an excuse to leave the bar.

    7. Wore the same sweats to class two days in a row.

    8. Became out of touch with campus gossip.

    9. You and your friends looked like this at the bar.

    And when you got separated for a few minutes, this happened.

    10. Re-watched the entirety of "The Hills."

    11. Brought pizza to the bar.

    12. Went to Taco Bell with your best friend and called it a "date night."

    13. Spent more time talking to the owner of your favorite bar than mingling with your peers.

    14. Pregamed happy hour in your Friday lecture with a water bottle of wine.

    15. You weren't offended that someone accused you of being a super-senior.

    16. Never asked for a wifi password.

    17. Refused to learn the names of any freshman.

    18. Cried a little over a picture of you when you were a freshman.

    19. Stopped crying about it because you realized you are a better person now and when you were a freshman, you were scared of seniors like you.

    20. Lived out this video and loved every second of it.

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    21. Left a party to take a nap and returned an hour later.

    22. Came to the conclusion that you may have been SWUG for a few years, despite only having been a senior for a few months.