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    39 Straws That Redefine The Crazy Straw

    A comprehensive list of the good, the bad and the unnecessary of creative drinking straws.

    1. The Texting Straw

    2. The Pencil Straw

    3. The Classic Crazy Straw

    4. The Glasses Straw

    5. The Mustache Straw

    6. The Glasses With Mustache Straw

    7. The Dalek Straw

    8. The Wedding Straw

    9. The Tiffany & Co. Monkey Straw

    10. The Starfish Straw

    11. The Ducky Straw

    12. The Glowing Straw

    13. The Actually a Beer Bong Straw

    14. The Cat Mask Straw

    15. The Candy Straw

    16. The Slinky Straw

    17. The Flamingo Straw

    18. The Awkwardly Placed Princess Straw

    19. The Candy Cane Glasses Straw

    20. The Stainless Steel Straw

    21. The Blown Glass Straw

    22. The Floral Straw

    23. The Cheese Straw

    24. The Cupcake Straw

    25. The Spoon Straw

    26. The Dietary Supplement Straw

    27. The Flower Straw

    28. The Build-Your-Own Straw

    29. The Pink Bow Straw

    30. The Lovely Straw

    31. The Froggy Straw

    32. The Sratty Straw

    33. The Zac Efron With A Hat Made of Straw

    34. The Super Bendy Straw

    35. The Milk Flavoring Straw

    36. The Chocolate Straw

    37. The Twister Straw

    38. The Ice Straw

    39. The Built-In Straw

    BONUS: The Anti-Roofie Straw