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18 Reasons To Get Pumped For Awards Season

Awards season is officially here! This year's season is longer to make room for the Olympics and if last year was an indicator of anything, this year's shows will be worth watching.

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1. The drinking games.


Drink whenever someone thanks the Academy. Drink whenever Jennifer Lawrence wins an award. Drink whenever someone's speech is cut off. Drink whenever a joke goes un-laughed at. Drink whenever an actor in the audience has a planted reaction. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey even created a drinking game for the Golden Globes which they will be hosting again this year.

4. The mani-cam.


Some stars are confused by it, some stars have fun with it and some stars struggle hiding that they hate it. This rather new addition to E!'s Live From The Red Carpet says a lot about the frivolity of awards shows but entertains home viewers by embarrassing A-list stars.

7. LL Cool J is back hosting the Grammy's for a three-peat.


Say what you will about his relevancy but LL Cool J has proved his hosting skills by avoiding controversy, keeping the flow of the show and responding beautifully to the death of Whitney Houston the night before his first round as host.

10. Oscar Parties (or any awards show parties).


Even if your idea of a party is having your four girlfriends over for take-out and sitting around laughing at each other's tweets, awards shows are always best when watched in a group. No Sunday is better than an awards show Sunday spent watching everything from the red carpet to the final acceptance speech.

11. Dance numbers.


Live song and dance numbers are a great way to find out which of your favorite actors is a surprisingly good (or bad) with musical theater. Nothing will beat last year's Tony Awards opening number but those guys had an unfair advantage, what with being the Tony Awards and all.

12. Excessive awards show programming.


Remember E!'s tiger incident during the 2013 Oscars pre-show? And get ready for plenty of Fashion Police specials. Awards season is a big deal, especially to entertainment news outlets so to take advantage of the season, sometimes the programming gets a bit excessive. In this case, excessive is a great thing.

13. Heartwarming acceptance speeches.

A lot of acceptance speeches are the same old "I'd like to thank my manager, director, dog and mother" but sometimes we are treated to touching, emotional moments like Jodie Foster's 2013 Golden Globes speech or Merritt Wever's Emmy speech that same year.

16. The pageantry.


Yes, they are indulgent and frivolous and excessive but that is what makes awards shows fun! Everything is glitzy and glamourous and wonderful. It's self-congratulatory nonsense wrapped in tradition topped with just a sprig of self-awareness that makes the entire thing tolerable and even enjoyable to watch a few times a year.

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