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14 Things You Probably Don't Know About Vampire Weekend (But Definitely Should)

It's common knowledge that Vampire Weekend formed at Columbia University and don't particularly care about the Oxford comma. But, do you know how their bassist costumes his cat?

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1. Singer Ezra Koenig was once an avid blogger. / Via

Ezra's senior year blog "Internet Vibes" is full of population facts, ghost shoes, travel quips and general diary-ing. The blog contains gems of Vampire Weekend history like "We played our second ever show last Saturday at the Columbia RELAY 4 LIFE. It was a very positive experience."

2. Bassist Chris Baio is an accomplished DJ.


If the poppy vibes of Vampire Weekend don't satisfy your desire for dance music, Baio performs DJ sets sporadically around the world generally complimenting the band's tour schedule. In his own words, "performances have rocked clubs across the globe from Ibiza to Paris to Sydney to Seoul. No one does not leave crying. Ever." He also posts his mixes on Soundcloud.

3. Multi-instrumental Rostam Batmanglij also produces music independent of the band.

Rostam has worked on a variety of projects ranging from "Discovery" with Ra Ra Riot's Wes Miles to solo songs he will post on his Tumblr. He writes, performs and produces the tracks.

4. In college, drummer Chris Tomson wrote and performed folk music under the pseudonym Digby Sellars.


Although he has been drumming for Vampire Weekend for the past seven years, CT was primarily a guitarist before joining the band. The name Digby Sellars is taken from the movie "The Big Lebowski." See if you can find evidence of CT's "Big Lebowski" appreciation in this video.

5. They come from talented families. Both Baio and Rostam's siblings are successful artists. / Via

Chris Baio's sister Al is a visual artist who generally paints children and animals dressed as animals. They are beautiful pieces. She also has a backpack blog. Her art can be found here and blog here.

View this video on YouTube / Via

Rostam's brother Zal is a film director and screenwriter whose credits include "The Sound of My Voice" and "The East," each co-written by and starring Britt Marling. "The East" also starred Ellen Page, Patricia Clarkson and Alexander Skarsgard.

6. They used to tour in a minivan.


For their first North-American tour, the members each pitched in $4000 to buy a minivan for travel. They took turns driving the van to various cities. They still have the minivan.

13. They interact with One Direction more often than you would expect. / Via

At the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, you were probably too distracted by Miley drama and the magic that was N'Sync to remember Ezra and CT's presentation of "Song of the Summer" to 1D.

14. In 2008, they did a safe sex PSA for MTV.

View this video on YouTube / Via

It never hurts to be reminded of a dozen different names for a condom.

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