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    11 Simple Ways To Spend Less And Earn More That Could Help You Save $1,000 This Year

    Spending less + earning more = more money to save.

    We could all use some extra money from time to time. Between paying off debt, investing for the future, and just trying to pay the bills, being alive can get expensive.

    Here are 11 ways you can spend less, save more, and make more money (mostly without leaving your couch):

    1. Hands down this is my biggest hack! Switch to a prepaid plan and you could save up to $1,000 this year on your mobile phone service. If you’ve ever heard me talk about personal finance, you’ve heard me brag about my $180 a year mobile phone bill versus the $100 a month that I used to spend. I switched from a major, well-known carrier to prepaid service with Mint Mobile and I couldn’t be happier.

    2. Sell digital products, crafts, or thrift store items online at Etsy. Are you a creative who loves to make crafts, jewelry, designs, or digital products like worksheets? Share your skills with the world and open an Etsy shop! It’s simple to start a shop and start selling online.

    3. Self-publish your book or low-content works and collect royalties. If you’ve already been thinking about writing and publishing a book, now is the perfect time to start. I self-published my personal and professional development workbook in 2018 to help women level up their soft skills. It’s still a hit today and every day people around the world purchase it online (mainly from Amazon).

    4. Be an expert service provider. Do you have a unique-sounding voice? You might offer voiceover services. Are you a great writer? Consider offering editing and proofreading services.

    5. Declutter and sell clothes, shoes, and other home items you no longer wear or use. Each season, when I switch out my clothes, I commit to selling the things I didn’t wear at least three times last season. I also have a rule that when I buy something new, I get rid of something old. That keeps my closet from overflowing with clothes I don’t wear anyway.

    6. Host virtual classes and build community while you make money. Many people are still choosing to stay in but they love to engage with others and learn new skills.

    7. If you're driving less these days, consider switching to pay-per-mile car insurance to save on auto expenses.

    8. Try a “no spend” month where you don't spend money on a certain, nonessential category and use a budgeting app to track your spending and saving goals. Take it from financial literacy educator Dr. Erika Moore Taylor, who paid off $65,000 in undergraduate loans and graduated grad school free of debt. Here's how she did so.

    9. Love to shop? Why not offer personal shopping services? Anything from running errands, grocery shopping, or personal styling can be outsourced.

    10. If you have an academic or musical skill, consider becoming a tutor or teaching private music lessons. The hours are flexible and you can help others at the same time.

    11. Last but not least, if there's a sweatshirt design you've been dreaming of, it's time to make it real. Upload your design to a print-on-demand site and let them print, market, process, and ship your designs directly to customers.

    Got any more tips for spending less, earning more, or saving money? Share them in the comments!

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