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    16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier

    "I'd actually prefer not to take your order."

    1. The "I can't decide if I'm a medium or large" customer.

    2. The couple that forgot to leave their relationship drama at home.

    3. The customer who's in a rush to go nowhere.

    4. The customer who abuses the return policy.

    5. The rich kid who spends more in one day than you make in a month.

    6. The "I'm ready to check out, but let me grab one more thing while you ring that up" customer.

    7. The customer who asks if every item within arm's reach is on sale.

    8. The customer who wants to speak to the manager.

    "Can I speak to the Manager?" starter pack

    9. The customer who mistakes you for their therapist.

    10. The "Maybe I should take my business elsewhere!" frequent shopper.

    11. The last-minute holiday shopper whose goal in life is to make your shift misrable.

    12. The "I want your opinion. Does this look good on me?" customer.

    13. The sketchy "It's actually my girlfriend's credit card" suspect.

    14. The old, polite, yet subtly offensive customer.

    15. The group of friends that's had one too many.

    16. The customer who pays in pennies.