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14 Signs You're An Unemployed College Graduate

I thought a college degree was going to help me get the job.

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1. You've started asking your parents for money.

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I'll pay you back one of these days, Dad!

2. You're now waking up after 1 p.m everyday.

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3. You can no longer afford going out three nights in a row.

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4. You probably spend most of the day at home in sweatpants.

5. You've watched back-to-back episodes of Maury.

MoPo Productions / Via

I KNEW IT!!! The baby had his nose!!!

6. You've considered getting your master's degree online at a school with a 1-800 number.

Funny or Die / Via

7. You've spent hours editing and sending out your cover letter and resume.

Warner Bros. / Via

"Dear Anyone Who Will Hire Me..."

8. You've considered switching careers.

Oxygen / Via

It sounds easy enough.

9. "Networking" means sending emails to alumni you've stalked on LinkedIn.

Fox / Via

10. You know how to deal with rejection emails.

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11. You didn't exactly nail your last job interview.

12. You've realized that are other grads struggling to find jobs, too.

The Struggle Bus is PACKED!

The Struggle Bus is PACKED!

13. And although the "real world" can be tough...

Paramount Pictures / Via

You know you have to be persistent:

The CW / Via

14. Class of 2014, Congratulations! Let's show this job market who's boss!

NBC / City Tv / Via

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