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    • lacharr

      I thought the real reason women didn’t orgasm through penetrative sex was because most women don’t prefer penetrative sex lol. Which IS the truth. Women orgasm just as quickly as men with clitoral stimulation, because the clitoris is extraordinarily sensitive-moreso than the entire penis. It’s essentially a compact penis. Soooo….if you want to know how to please a woman, focus on her clitoris. No one expects men to orgasm from, I don’t know, gentle stroking of their left buttcheek. Not many nerves there-comparitively, at least. Women’s vaginal canals are not sensitive and do not contain nearly as many nerves because childbirth would be THAT much more unbearable and dangerous-essentially ending in death almost every time. Soo…..that’s why penetrative sex isn’t as pleasurable for women. Just always make sure a woman has her orgasm first….it’s just the courteous thing to do lmao.

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