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Fifteen MUST HAVE Disney Covers/Remixes

Cause what's a good Disney song if you can't mix it up a little?

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1. Pink Elephants VIP Remix By Daladubz

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If you thought the Pink Elephants number is Dumbo was trippy wait till you hear it with a kick of dubstep

2. Not In Nottingham by Mumford&Sons

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Not In Nottingham from Robin Hood given the folksy earnestness that only Mumford&Sons can provide which somehow makes a song with such sad lyrics sound simultaneously peaceful and wildly upsetting at the same time

3. Bella Notte by Carlos Ponce and Joy Enriquez

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This is the first version of the song sung by both genders giving it a more personal feeling. There are versions in both Spanish and English: (

The Spanish musical twist on both versions makes it sound more passionate and romantic.

4. A Whole New World by Late Night Alumni

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Becky Jean Williams' ethereal vocals make this version sound magical making you want to go to new worlds and adventures of your own.

5. Everybody Wants To Be A Cat by Electric Swing Circus

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Cause what way make being a cat even cooler then to take the feline anthem from it's traditonal jazz roots to a crazy upbeat elctro swing number- mixing the traditional and modern to get the party really swinging or as Duchess says "schwinging."

6. This Is Halloween by Marilyn Manson

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Scary, dramatic and a little bit funny to boot. Marilyn Manson and the Nightmare Before Christmas are a match made in heaven or rather in Halloween town. Perfect mood setter for a Halloween party.

7. Let It Go by Alex Boyé and One Voice Children's Choir

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Yes yes Frozen is part of another top whatever list since it seems it won't melt away soon. This version was one of the first Let It Go covers to start the trend of the many MANY covers. And it's the best by a mile. A beautiful blend of cultures and talent. The principal female vocalist will likely be blaring up our stadiums as the next big superstar so keep your eyes peeled for her.

8. I've Got No Strings by The Gipsy Kings

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This is one for those perfect summer afternoons. If your hips do not start shaking just a little hearing this then you need some more sunshine in your life.

9. 90s Disney Medley by Todrick Hall and Shoshona Bean

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Ever wondered what 90s Disney songs would sound like if they were legitimate pop songs from the 90s? Todrick Hall and Shoshona Bean sound beautiful together but it's when they get to Beauty and the Beast part that they really take off into R&B paradise.

10. Chim Chim Cher-ee by Esperanza Spalding

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When you think of Mary Poppins you think of bright colours, words to say when there's nothing else to say and flying umbrellas. Esperanza Spalding does the the opposite making this version a smooth jazz number conjuring up more peaceful images in your mind to serenade your evening walks across rooftops taking in the spectacular views.

11. Alice by Pogo

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Pogo is a Youtube genius DJ enigma taking not only the songs but the dialogue in movies and creating an imaginative, cool house beat behind it. This is considered of one his most popular pieces.

12. Go the Distance by Joe Hicks

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What happens when you mix Greek mythology, a big I Want Disney ballad and Blink 182? This cool number bringing the number about big dreams back down to reality a little with it's honest vocals.

13. He's A Tramp by Ashley Brown and Kerry Butler

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Ever wondered how Lady and the Tramp would work as a musical? Well here's your answer in all it's jazz hands, perfectly harmoised glory. All we need is the top hats and sparkly gloves shaped like doggy paws.

14. Someday My Prince Will Come by Tanya Tucker

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The one that started it all goes further south for this ballad. Taking a slow love song and turning into an upbeat country song is as extreme an interpretation of a classic you can get. And it's sassy finger snapping good.

15. When You Wish Upon A Star by Libbie Linton / Via

And what better way to end this list than the song which became Disney's staple? Ignoring the fan made video that accompanies this hard to find version, Libbie Linton's cover is the perfect end to a long day and to send you off into magical wishful dreams.

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