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5 Things That Might Change Depending On The EU Referendum

Are you all for change or do you want to keep things as they are?

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If you live in Britain and probably any country in the European Union, you'll know that the EU Referendum is coming up.

On Thursday June 23rd, UK citizens over 18 can vote on whether to stay in the European Union or leave it. These 28 countries have been united since just after WW2 and allows the countries to trade between each other along with other benefits. The exit campaign has been nicknamed #Brexit (simply Britain and Exit combined).

You may feel very confused about all the ideas being passed around about the pros and cons of leaving so here are some simple explanations of the sort of thing you can expect out of both results:

1. Trading


Most of Britain's trading partners involve the EU, with 50% of our exports going to EU countries and we are much more reliant on EU goods than they are for our goods. Exiting the EU would mean that we do not have to abide EU tariffs on imports and exports but we will not have say in trading rules. This would mean we would establish our own trade agreements.

2. Britain's Borders

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If we exit the European Union, there will be an attempt to regulate immigration to the United Kingdom, effectively making more jobs for those who remain but it has been found that immigration has been an overwhelmingly positive influence on the economy.

3. Travel

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At the moment, it is very easy for UK citizens to emigrate to other countries for work and travel, with around one and a half million live abroad in the EU. Remaining in the EU keeps prices of flights lower and enjoy either free or cheap healthcare. Leaving would not affect citizens abilities to travel around the EU and the UK has deals with other countries to help live abroad

4. Membership Cost

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The gross cost of staying in the EU costs around £350m every week so if we left, billions would become available to spend on other priorities but even after leaving the UK will still have to pay the EU to keep trading and it is argued that the economic benefits outweigh the cost of membership

  1. So what are your thoughts on the EU referendum?

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So what are your thoughts on the EU referendum?
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