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Proof That The State Of Minnesota Is Really A Canadian Province

Hey USA, Canada challenges you to a game of hockey for Minnesota.

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First off, Canadians and Minnesotans look and sound so gosh darn similar, that even I (a born and bred Canadian) have trouble deciphering sometimes.

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Dave Ryan Show / Via

Like seriously now, this conversation could've very well taken place in Canada. It's uncanny.

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Fargo / Via

Now look at this map I found... Paul Bunyan (who is disputedly Canadian) and a Canadian Goose? Are we sure this isn't Canada's 11th province?

Toon Maps / Via

Furthermore, Canada and Minnesota look an awful lot similar, wouldn't you say? (No, my friend, pictured below is actually a place in Minnesota. I know, eh?)

Minnesota Land Trust / Via

Like is this Canada or Minnesota? (The link says it's from Minnesota, but I honestly don't know. It looks a lot like Georgian Bay, Ontario if you ask me!)

Public Radio / Via

Look at Minnesota's wildlife... If it weren't for the heading there on the pic, I would've sworn that this was a Canadian wildlife collage.

In addition, Minnesota has very similar weather patterns to the great white north.

The very same meme could be made about most places in Canada.

Star Tribune / Via

What's further, did you know Minnesota's state bird is the loon?

That's pretty coincidental don't cha think? Because the loon is essentially the bird of Canada. We even have money named after it (a dollar is called a loonie and two dollars is called a toonie).

the planet D / Via

It goes deeper, there is actually a city in Minnesota called Little Canada.

Little Canada Website / Via

It was originally called New Canada and became a city in 1974. I wonder if they have a Tim Horton's…

City Data / Via

As if that wasn't enough, both places always enjoy a good ol' game of shinny.

Minnesota Public Radio / Via

Or going for a rip on a sled.

Uniquely Minnesota / Via

Or doin' a little ice fishing (for the exact same fish Canada has: bass, walleye, and northern pike).

China Daily / Via

So my neighboring 'Muricans, Minnesotans seem like a fun and friendly bunch. We would totally be okay with adopting them if you ever want to give them up.

If not, I think Canadians and Minnesotans should totally go for a few brewskies and shoot the sh*t around a bonfire. We'll bring the poutine, if Minnesota brings the hot dish!

DD-B / Via

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