Rick The Temp, A "Survivor" Winner And The 18 Other Canadians Who Will Appear On The First Season Of "The Traitors: Canada"

    I won't lie, I already miss Alan Cumming.

    Grab your black hooded capes, The Traitors is officially coming to Canada! The international format which has spawned US, UK, Australian and New Zealand versions (among others) is coming North for its inaugural English season starting October 2nd on CTV.

    photo of person in black cape

    Hosted by Canadian actor Karine Vanasse, the murder-mystery competition will see 20 Canadians compete for up to $100,000— if they can suss out the secret group of Traitors who walk amongst them.

    photo of karine vanesse in a pool room

    If you're not a Traitor you're known as a Faithful, and if you make it to the end with your fellow Faithfuls you'll split the prize money. If a Traitor or Traitors make it to the end, they'll take the entire prize pot.

    photo of karine vanesse in a black cape

    Similar to the US version, the Canadian cast includes people you might recognize from the world of reality TV. This includes former MuchMusic VJ Rick The Temp Campanelli, Survivor winner Erika Casupanan, Big Brother Canada winner Kevin Martin and Canada's Drag Race alumn Miss Fiercalicious.

    publicity photo of the traitors canada with the host and cast

    Here's the full cast list:

    1. Erika Casupanan (she/her)

    photo of Erika Casupanan

    2. Rick Campanelli, a.k.a. “Rick The Temp” (he/him)

    headshot of rick campanelli

    3. Kevin Martin (he/him)

    headshot of kevin martin

    4. Kuzie Mujakachi (she/her)

    headshot of Kuzie Mujakachi

    5. Mai Nguyen (she/her)

    head shot of Mai Nguyen

    6. Mickey Henry (he/him)

    head shot of Mickey Henry

    7. Miss Fiercalicious (she/her in drag; he/him/they out of drag)

    head shot of Miss Fiercalicious

    8. Gurleen Maan (she/her)

    head shot of Gurleen Maan

    9. Collin Johnson (he/him)

    head shot of Collin Johnson

    10. Crystal Mayes (she/her)

    head shot of Crystal Mayes

    11. Domenic Ielasi (he/him)

    head shot of Domenic Ielasi

    12. Donna Hartt (she/her)

    head shot of Donna Hartt

    13. Gurpyar Bains (he/him)

    head shot of Gurpyar Bains

    14. Leroy Fontaine (he/him)

    head shot of Leroy Fontaine

    15. Mary Wisden (she/her)

    head shot of Mary Wisden

    16. Melissa Allder (she/her)

    head shot of Melissa Allder

    17. Melissa Best (she/her)

    head shot of Melissa Best

    18. Mike D’Urzo (he/him)

    head shot of Mike D’Urzo

    19. Dr. Nazila Dehghani (she/her)

    head shot of Dr. Nazila Dehghani

    20. Travon Smith (he/him)

    head shot of Travon Smith

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