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Your Tim Hortons Order Will Reveal Your Exact Age

We donut think we'll get this wrong.

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  1. First things first, pick a cup size.

  2. Pick a piping hot drink to go in your cup.

  3. Looks like someone is getting hangry. Pick a breakfast sandwich.

  4. And what kind of bread would you like that on?

  5. Do you want a hashbrown with that?

  6. Now, let's cool down with an ice-cold drink.

  7. It's lunchtime! Pick something to eat.

  8. What do you want on the side?

  9. Choose a Timbit as an after-lunch treat.

  10. It's the dreaded mid-afternoon slump. Pick a drink to perk you up.

  11. And finally, order yourself one more sweet treat. You deserve it!

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