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Your Double Denim Decision Will Determine If You Belong On Canada's East Or West Coast

This is some hot denim on denim action. 18+

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  1. Let's get this denim party started! Choose a style of jeans to rock.

  2. Now, choose a wash.

  3. Here's where we double dip on the denim. Choose a style of jean jacket.

  4. And then a wash for your new jacket.

  5. Do you want rips in your jeans or not?

  6. The tuxedo is coming together! Pick a shirt for under your jacket.

  7. Here's where things get wild. Choose a hat.

  8. Choose another denim accessory to add to this look.

  9. Pick some shoes to complete your denim ensemble.

  10. Finally, choose a patch to complete your look.

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