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    Disney's "Turning Red" Is A Love Letter To Canada — Here Are 13 Of My Favourite References

    An animated Canada is the best Canada.

    Disney and Pixar just released Turning Red on Disney+. Not only is it a story about growing up and dealing with your emotions, but it's also a love letter to Canada, with the story taking place in Toronto.

    The movie poster for "Turning Red" with a close-up shot of a giant red panda looking shocked with hands on her face

    There are at least 13 references to Canada and Toronto throughout the film — so I went through and tried to catch them all. Here's what I found:

    1. The CN Tower

    An animated skyline of Toronto with the CN Tower as the focal point

    2. SkyDome

    An animation of the outside of Toronto's SkyDome where photos of the boy band "4*Town" hang up on the outside of the building

    3. The Old TTC Streetcars

    4. Daisy Mart

    Girls in the film walk by a Daisy Mart convenience store

    5. Sandra Oh

    6. Domee Shi

    The director of Turning Red, Domee Shi, on the Turning Red red carpet

    7. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

    8. Timbits

    9. Lester B Pearson Elementary School

    10. Toque

    The main character sitting at her desk in school wearing a Canadian toque and looking embarrassed

    11. Canadian Money

    A still from the movie where a girl in and all-pink outfit is counting the money she has in her hand; she's standing in a school hallway near a door

    12. Blue Jay

    A blue jay on a fence post in front of the SkyDome, which has been demolished because of what happens in the movie; cranes are seen above the SkyDome

    13. Maple Leaves

    Did I miss any? Leave a comment below!

    Turning Red is streaming now on Disney+.

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