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    13 Tweets About Justin Trudeau Saying "Moistly' During A Press Conference

    Talk moistly to me.

    On Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau uttered the words that shook an entire nation. He said "moistly."

    Oh man. Trudeau says, on wearing masks, that his understanding is it can be helpful as it prevents you from "breathing or speaking moistly" on others. "Ugh what a terrible image." MOISTLY. Our prime Minister just said "moistly," folks. More:

    It happened during his daily COVID-19 updates from outside his residence.

    And of course, Twitter had a field day.


    Imagine how wonderful it would be to live in a country where the most embarrassing thing your national leader said on any given day was "moistly."


    Q. How's the Prime Minister doing in responding to the pandemic? A. Moistly well. #speakingmoistly


    For Canadians recovering from hearing their Prime Minister say "speaking moistly". Let me say that we have your backs. Please remain inside and we'll have more supports in the days to come.


    Young Trudeau could speak moistly to me and I'd say "thank you, thank you"


    Tired: Talking dirty Wired: Speaking moistly


    I’m glad that in the face of impending doom we can come together as a country and react to our PM saying “moistly” in the way it deserves. #OhCanada


    Ok, who had "speaking moistly" on their Trudeau presser bingo card?


    When you let the gen Z intern write the scripts #moistly


    My new favourite meme! Lol! #ILoveMyPM #Moistly


    I really do just miss the days when we could all just speak moistly on one another, sigh ... #JustinTrudeau



    When Justin Trudeau says “speaking moistly”


    Speaking moistly is the opposite of ASMR

    You heard the man, stop speaking moistly!


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