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14 Best TV Showdowns

June 19, 2016. That is the date for what could be the most epic battle in TV history as the "Battle of the Bastards" will take place on Game of Thrones. Fans have long been anticipating the meeting between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton and their eventual clash should not disappoint. To prepare for the Battle of the Bastards, let's take a look at some other pivotal fight scenes in television, with the 14 Best TV Showdowns.

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1. Brienne of Tarth vs. The Hound

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To start off our list, we have another Game of Thrones fight from the season finale of Season 4. This outdoor battle between Brienne of Tarth and The Hound has been considered by some as the best one-on-one fight on Game of Thrones.

2. Peter Griffin vs. Ernie the Giant Chicken

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Family Guy is known for it's random cutaways, but one of their most famous involves fight scenes between Peter and a giant chicken. The two have fought over seemingly outrageous reasons five times over the show's run. For this list, the best fight came the fourth time around when the two fight after Peter crashes into Ernie's car. The fight involves time-travel, space and cloning to make it one of the funniest and one of the more violent animated fight scenes.

3. Tony Soprano vs. Ralph Cifaretto

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After suspecting Ralphie killed the two's horse in an "accidental" fire, Tony heads over to his house to confront him on the incident. Ralphie adamantly denies the allegations, but the verbal confrontation soon turns into a violent one as pans, knives and Raid are used in this fight.

4. Flash vs. Arrow

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The Flash and Arrow are both known for their outstanding fight scenes and many of them could have easily made this list, however, one of the more exciting instances was the crossover between the two that saw Flash and Arrow face off during a two-part episode that aired during Season 1 of the Flash and Season 3 of Arrow.

5. Michael Scott vs. Dwight Schrute

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On The Office, Michael and Dwight have a love/hate relationship that makes for some interesting interactions at Dunder Mifflin. However, their relationship really hit a turn outside of the office when the two avoided doing paper work by taking part in a karate match that was just as ridiculous as you could imagine.

6. Hannibal vs. Jack Crawford

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This intense showdown got fans on the edge of their seats right off the bat in the opening of Season 2 of Hannibal. This opening scene gave fans a look into what was to come as Hannibal and Crawford laid it all on the line.

7. Rusty vs. Marty

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The first season of True Detective made for some powerful tension between the show's two main characters Rusty and Marty. The tension eventually led to the two having a fallout during episode six that saw both men attempt to tear each other part outside the police station.

8. The Viper vs. The Mountain

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In the second fight scene from season four of Game of Thrones to appear on the list, Oberyn Martell meets The Mountain in a Trial by Combat. The quickness of The Viper matched with the power of The Mountain makes this battle one of the more intriguing ones that 'Thrones fans have seen because it was unclear who had the upper hand for most of the fight. The ending to the fight, however, was one of more the gruesome in the show's history.

9. Piper Chapman vs. Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett

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Orange is the New Black isn't known for it's fight scenes, but this scene from the finale of Season 1 stands out because of it's importance for the character development of Piper Chapman. She had been struggling to adapt to the prison lifestyle until this moment when all of her rage was taken out on Pennsatucky.

10. Jack vs. Sawyer

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During Lost's six-season run, Jack and Sawyer didn't always see eye-to-eye as the two continually fought over decision-making and their common interest, Kate. The two fought a few times, but their confrontation in Season 5 was one of the more bloodier between the two.

11. Mac vs. Ninjas

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During the Season 9 episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Gang Saves the Day, each member of the group fantasizes about how they would save everyone from a potential robbery. Mac has always showcased his fighting technique and it was on full display during this scene where he took on a number of ninjas rather easily.

12. Michonne vs. The Governor

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The Walking Dead has had some great action scenes over their run, but one of the more well-received fight scenes took place during Season 3 of the show between The Governor and Michonne. There were some brutal instances including a stabbing in the eye.

13. Daredevil vs. Hallway Full of Thugs

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The hallway scene in Netflix's Daredevil has become one of the greatest fight sequences in recent television. The almost three-minute fight scene finds Matt Murdock taking on thug after thug in a hallway as he attempts to rescue a young boy. What's even more amazing is the fact that it was shot in one continuous take.

14. The Massacre at Hardhome

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As of now, the best Game of Thrones showdown is the Massacre at Hardhome. The Wildlings and the Night's Watch battled against the White Walkers beyond the wall. This battle took place during episode 8 of Season 5 and was a mammoth of a battle that showcased how dangerous the White Walkers really could be.

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