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12 Reasons Rachel Maddow is Every Liberals Hero

Instead of the creepy fan letter we all want to send Rachel, this will have to do.

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1. She gave a speech at her high school graduation and you can totally hear the woman at the end of the video say, "... and one day she's going to do something wonderful."

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Also note the Birkenstocks - the ultimate hippie shoe

2. She loves her country. And cares about it's future.

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This ad irritated conservatives so much they made a parody of it

3. She's wickedly smart.


Her educational background includes Stanford for her undergrad and then Oxford where she was a Rhodes Scholar and earned her doctorate. Time to stop relating and start admiring.

4. Maddow is the first openly gay cable news host.


This is what she said about her partner, Susan: "I'm alone a couple of days a week while I'm working in New York, but I haven't felt alone in the world—I haven't felt lonely—in the 13 years since I laid eyes on her." *Collectively now: "Awwwww"

5. The Occasional Friday Night Cocktail.


Rachel shows you how to make a classic drink and then sends you to prison AKA an episode of locked up RAW. (MSNBC really needs to work on that 10pm time slot)

8. For 5 years in a row now, Maddow's MSNBC show was the only cable news show to be nominated for a Television Critics Association award in the Outstanding Achievement in News and Information category

9. She is a New York Times best selling author.


Her book, Drift, even had Fox News Channel's creator Roger Ailes declaring that it offers “valid arguments” and is “a book worth reading.” FOX NEWS. She also received a Grammy nomination for the audio recording of the book.

10. She can admit when she's wrong or makes a mistake.

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Hannah Montana said it best: "Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days"

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