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    18 Undeniable Facts For Anyone Who Loves Dancing But Is Bad At It

    You'll keep dancing on your own.

    1. You practice your moves alone in your bedroom on the regular.

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    2. You've always had a fine appreciation for beautifully-choreographed music videos.

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    From the golden age of Brit to contemporary Tinashe, you've got the greats on lock.

    3. You're literally always trying to convince your friends to let you choreograph a group number.

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    4. You can't stop your hips from moving any time you encounter a veritable bop.

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    Your hips don't lie — they know when it's time to shimmy.

    5. And you know that any space holds the potential to be a personal dance floor.


    The kitchen! An office! Your local library! A morgue! Nothing's off limits for a dancer as enthusiastic as you.

    6. You never really care what people think about you at the club.


    7. There's actually a sense of solidarity between you and every other EBD* there.

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    *Enthusiastically Bad Dancer, of course

    8. You're used to your friends politely distancing themselves from you when you're *in the zone.*

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    Coincidentally, you're also a big fan of shaking your thang to Britney Spears' bop-laden 2003 album, "In The Zone."

    9. You burn more calories in a night out than you would running a marathon.

    10. Zumba class is your safe space.


    Even if you're always a few steps behind.

    11. Taylor Swift at literally any award show is low-key your patron saint.


    You do your thang, Tay.

    12. Any recognition of your dancing capabilities makes you feel like you've won the damn lottery.

    13. You've thought about auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance? but you sorta know the answer to that question is Definitely Not.


    14. You're more than happy to engage with a random dancing partner when you're out.


    15. Actually, you're used to making tons of friends on the dance floor.


    16. You always ensure that the DJ plays the song you've been rehearsing that week.

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    17. People like to *politely* ask if you've thought about taking up other hobbies, but you know that dance is your true ~passion~


    18. And even though haters might think you're weird, you'll never stop doing your thing.

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    Go get 'em, gurl!