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Here's What To Listen To While You Wait For Your Fave's Next Album

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1. While you wait for Adele's next album...

XL Recordings

...try Ella Henderson.

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Why: Ella's emotionally driven lyrics and powerhouse vocals are enough to draw comparisons to Adele, but her unique pop sound helps the burgeoning star stand out on her own.

2. While you wait for Lorde's next album...

Republic Records

...try Alessia Cara.

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Why: Alessia's EP is riddled with thumping beats and sassy, angsty lyrics so well-written they're impossible not to sing along to. Think of her as Lorde's more pop-driven, mainstream-ready counterpart.

3. While you wait for Sam Smith's next album...

Capitol Records

...try Erik Hassle.

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Why: Though Erik Hassle's poignant lyrics may be set to more uptempo beats, they're packed with resonance and depth, just like those of Mr. Smith.

4. While you wait for Rihanna's next album...

Roc Nation

...try Rita Ora.

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Why: Rita's vocals are tight as hell, and her ~unapologetic~ attitude and sensual melodies are reminiscent of those of the Badgal herself.

5. While you wait for Justin Timberlake's next album...

RCA Records

...try Francesco Yates.

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Why: While it's hard to get as soulful as JT, Francesco Yates comes close. The 19-year-old Canadian musician has a killer falsetto and a whole lot of potential hits on his hands (see above video for proof).

6. While you wait for Lady Gaga's next album...

Interscope Records

...try Allie X.

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Why: Offbeat and on point, Allie X's attitude and lyrics are rebellious, but her songs are pure pop bliss.

7. While you wait for Katy Perry's next album...

Capitol Records

...try Florrie.

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Why: Florrie, like Perry, is a master of creating bubbly pop confections. She's sweet and fun, but don't be fooled: Her songs pack a real punch.

8. While you wait for Kesha's next album...

Kemosabe Records

...try Neon Hitch.

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Why: Unabashed and upbeat, Neon Hitch is slaying the pop game. Her songs are both incredibly danceable and entirely unhinged, making her a perfect pairing to Kesha.

9. While you wait for HAIM's next album...

Roc Nation

...try Tove Styrke.

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Why: Tove Styrke's lyrics are badass, and her sound is equal parts funk, pop, and alternative, making her the closest thing we have to a fourth HAIM sister.

10. While you wait for Britney Spears' next album...

Sony Music Entertainment

...try Bonnie McKee.

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Why: Not only has Bonnie McKee written a handful of Britney's greatest hits, the songwriter-to-the-stars (see: Katy Perry, Kesha) has a pretty impressive musical resume of potential pop hits of her own.

11. And while you wait for Beyoncé's next album...

Columbia Records

Lol, just wait for Beyoncé's next album.


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