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What Should Your 2015 Summer Jam Be?

Pump up YOUR jam.

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Then Check Out: "Drop That Kitty" by Ty Dolla $ign (feat. Charli XCX & Tinashe) in 2015

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Just as brash and upfront as Derulo's "Wiggle," Ty Dolla $ign's trap banger is sure to get the entire dance floor wiggling.

Then Check Out: "I Want You to Know" by Zedd (feat. Selena Gomez)

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An exhilarating, infectious dancehall anthem, "IWYTK" is the 2015 equivalent of "Break Free," but with an extra serving of booming synth and sugar-sweet vocals by Selena Gomez.

Then Check Out: "Lean On" by Major Lazer & DJ Snake (feat. MØ)

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Backed by the same dance-friendly DJ as 2014's "Turn Down for What," "Lean On" has the added bonus of an irresistible chorus and slick vocals by the ultra-talented MØ.

Then Check Out: "Nobody Love" by Tori Kelly

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Big-time belting plus non-stop beats equals a summer jam just as loop-worthy as Nicki, Jessie & Ari's "Bang Bang."

Then Check Out: "OctaHate" by Ryn Weaver

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Ryn's unique vocals blend seamlessly with the bright, electronic melody of "OctaHate." Like Sia, Weaver's songs are layered with subtext and intricate meaning, but coated with a brilliant layer of exciting sounds and synths.

Then Check Out: "Not Letting Go" by Tinie Tempah (feat. Jess Glynne)

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"Rather Be" and "Not Letting Go" share two commonalities: gorgeous vocals by the outrageously talented Jess Glynne, and a lighthearted, uptempo melody that makes them perfect summer jam potential.

Then Check Out: "Sparks" by Hilary Duff

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Bubblegum pop at its finest, both "Sparks" and "Boom Clap" are 100% pure fun with a side of flirty vocals.

Then Check Out: "Love Me Badder" by Elliphant

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Another island-infused jam, "Love Me Badder" tells the story of love gone wrong set to a thumping beat and a hook sure to be stuck in your head all summer.

Then Check Out: "Some Kind of Love" by Charlie Puth

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A pop-friendly slow jam, "Some Kind of Love" is a crooning ode to romance not unlike Sheeran's beautifully tender "Thinking Out Loud."

Then Check Out: "Pretty Girls" by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea

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Equal parts fierce and fun, "Pretty Girls" has the potential to be this summer's pop anthem. With its glossy hip hop beats and stellar star-power, "Pretty Girls" is a certified summertime banger.

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