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These May Be Pitbull's Most WTF Lyrics To Date

Mr. World-why did he just say that?!

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This is Samantha Jade.

Sony / Via

She's an Australian pop singer with hits like "Sweet Talk" and "UP!" under her belt.

This is Pitbull.

You know him.

The two recently recorded a song together for Jade's sophomore album, "Nine."

The track, titled "Shake That," plays out like a run-of-the-mill, upbeat pop song.

Sony / Via

Until Pitbull makes a cameo, of course.

Of course.

Anyway, here's the song.

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Look out for that Pitbull verse around 2:20.

To break things down, we begin with a festive allusion to nibbling on someone's "little cake."


Shake That
I wanna see you in your birthday suit
Shake That
Mami, show me where your sweet little cake at
I wanna take a little nibble or maybe a full bite
, and make it a full night

We're then treated to a fun Vincent Van Gogh reference.


I roll dice and gamble
Too hot to handle
Me, I'm all ears unlike Vincent Van Gogh

So tell me what you want

Tell me what you need

Tell me what you like

And I'll do it, do it right

And finally, Mr. 305 closes things out with a sweet shout out to both the mob (!) and Jehovah's Witnesses (?)


Me, I mind my business
No I'm not the mob

But your boy, I got a hit list

My life's my trial

Jehovah's my witness

Rewind it a couple of times

And maybe you'll get this

Anyway, there you have it, folks!


Be sure to keep it 305 in 2016! / Via Yahoo! Entertainment

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