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Every "Anti" Song, Ranked By Love-Making Potential

Let's talk about Anti, baby.

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13. "Never Ending"


Rih's Dido-infused collab is so pretty, it would just feel wrong ~doing the dirty~ to it.

Most sensual line: "We lost connection, oh come back to me / So I can feel alive again"

12. "Higher"

Roc Nation

Rihanna's aching vocals paired with the poignant lyrics of "Higher" make it another song that's more gorgeous than sexy. But, hey, to each their own.

Most sensual line: "You take me higher, higher than I've ever been, babe /

Just come over, let's pour a drink, babe"

11. "Close To You"

Def Jam

I mean, if you're not afraid to cry in the bedroom, this song might be fine — "Close To You" cuts deep and plays with your emotions. That being said, there is a delicate tenderness to the closing ballad of Anti.

Most sensual line: "No you don't need my protection / But I'm in love, can't blame me for checking"

10. "Love On The Brain"

RiRi's take on doo-wop is a pseudo-sultry jam sure to please any Etta James fan in the bedroom.

Most sensual line: "Can we burn something babe? / And I run for miles just to get a taste"

9. "Consideration" (Feat. SZA)


The super sultry combo of SZA's vocals and the woozy, thumping production of "Consideration" make the song a veritable bedroom jam.

Most sensual line: "Let me cover your shit in glitter / I can make it gold, gold"

8. "Same Ol' Mistakes"


Lyrically speaking, "Same Ol' Mistakes" offers little to the bedroom experience. Its smokey, celestial beat, however, makes the song the perfect backdrop to a sensual rendezvous.

Most sensual line: "Feel like a brand new person / But I don't care, I'm in love"

7. "Woo"

CTV / Via

From its trap-esque beat to RiRi's assertive, boastful tone, "Woo" is confident, seductive, and bedroom-ready.

Most sensual line: "Let me know when you're ready to plea / Maybe you just need to send for me"

6. "James Joint"

Def Jam / Via

It's short, it's sweet, and it's undeniably sexy.

Most sensual line: "Everytime you kiss me / Don't say that you miss me / Just come get me"

5. "Desperado"

CBS / Via

With its talk of "sharing common interests," and "not wanting to be alone," "Desperado" is a track that demands to connect with an audience of two (or more). Rihanna's intoxicating vocals and the production's rumbling bass only further enhance the inherent sexuality of "Desperado."

Most sensual line: "I’m not tryna go against you / Actually, I’m going with you"

4. "Needed Me"


This is peak bad gal — "Needed Me" is RiRi at her most confident, most badass, and most dominant. If the tipsy, electric beat of "Needed Me" doesn't give you a surge of bedroom confidence, Rihanna's lyrics sure will.

Most sensual line: "Oooh, you needed me / To feel a little more, and give a little less"

3. "Work" (Feat. Drake)

Sony Music / Via

"Work" has little to do with your 9-to-5 routine, and more with getting things done in the bedroom — as evidenced by RiRi's unapologetic request to "do the dirt" (among other things). With its uptempo melody and slick Drake feature, "Work" is a song you can dance to and, well, you-know-what-else-to.

Most sensual line: "If I got right then you might like it / You know I dealt with you the nicest"

2. "Kiss It Better"

Def Jam / Via

Ripped straight from a neon-hued, 80's movie sex scene, "Kiss It Better" is a hazy dream of a pop song. Rihanna's lyrics (and vocals) are unabashedly sexual, and the track's synthy, electric-guitar driven production is one wild, sensual ride.

Most sensual line: "Oh, tell me what you’re willing to do / Kiss it, kiss it better, baby"

1. "Yeah, I Said It"

Def Jam / Via

If you were to look up "sex jam" in the dictionary, Rihanna's "Yeah, I Said It" would be Merriam Webster's pinnacle exemplar. A sultry slow-burner with a noncommittal but highly sexual set of lyrics, "Yeah, I Said It" is the sex song to end all sex songs. Game, set, match, RiRi.

Most sensual line: "I want you to homicide it / Going slow and I want you to pop it"

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