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It's Time To Start Obsessing Over Léon

We're not talking about the "Kings" here, people.

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She's a Swedish-born singer-songwriter and a pop star on the rise.

Instagram: @itsleonleon

Aside from potentially being the most photogenic human being on the planet, the 21-year-old crooner has the voice of a goddamn angel.

Instagram: @itsleonleon / Via

Though she's only released four official songs, Léon has over a million monthly Spotify listeners.

Instagram: @itsleonleon

And with its breezy, upbeat melody and glossy production, it's no suprise that her debut single "Tired Of Talking" has amassed over 12 million plays.

Speaking to HelloGiggles, Léon noted that breakout single "Tired of Talking" is her way of "saying a proper goodbye. Getting closure. It’s my break up song.”

Instagram: @itsleonleon

She also cited her father and Stevie Wonder as early sources of musical inspiration.

Aside from her millions of Spotify fans, Léon has also garnered some A-list groupies, namely Katy Perry and Chloë Grace Moretz.

SOTD: "Tired of Talking" by new gal Lèon ...she's one to watch!


Sites like Nylon and Idolator are also fan-girling over the Swedish songstress.

Instagram: @itsleonleon

On her second single, the bright and buoyant "Nobody Cares," Léon told Nylon that the song was written as a reflection of a "time when you'd go out wishing that the night won’t end, because you’ll feel lonely in the morning — when you try, but can’t stay away from that one person.”

Hell, even Snapchat is obsessed with her.

Thank you @Snapchat for selecting me as one of your "Pop Three Artists To Watch" 2016! So exciting! 💖✨✨

Essentially, this queen is poised to dominate 2016.

Instagram: @itsleonleon

*Prays for a million more Léon songs by the end of 2k16*

Check out the rest of Léon's EP, which includes jams like "Treasure" and "Léon's Lullaby," here:

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