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If Taylor Swift Songs Were Romantic Comedies

Time to give "If This Was A Movie" a whole new meaning.

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1. "Style"

Cosmopolitan / / Glamour /

Cast: Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Karlie Kloss

Synopsis: High fashion models Olivia (Swift) and Mere (Kloss) are best friends who've had one another's back since their first-ever fashion week. When the two realize they've been dating the same guy (Styles) for the past three months, Mere and Olivia embark on a streak of vengeful fun together. Set amidst the fast-paced glamour of Paris fashion week, "Style" proves that revenge just might be the new black.

Tagline: "Some things never go out of Style"

2. "Welcome To New York"

Big Machine / Flare/ Flickr Commons: Josh Liba

Cast: Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence

Synopsis: Burgeoning fashion blogger Lucy Bell (Swift) moves from small-town Ohio to New York City in hopes of fulfilling her dreams. When she lands an internship at the renown Polyester Magazine, she instantly falls for her boss -- the electric and intimidating Nina Lynn (Lawrence), editor-in-chief of Polyester. Soon, the two have fallen head over heels for one another -- but can their relationship withstand the bitter trials of The Big Apple?

Tagline: "You can want who you want"

3. "How You Get The Girl"

Big Machine / Columbia Records / / Via

Cast: Taylor Swift, Zayn Malik, Harrison Ford

Synopsis: Jessica Winchester (Swift) is the richest girl at Harvard University. Sam Florentino (Malik) is working two jobs and barely making rent. When the two fall for one another, Jessica's disapproving father (Harrison Ford) provides Sam with an ultimatum -- win Jessica's hand in marriage in six months, or never see her again.

Tagline: "It's going to be a long six months."

4. "Clean"

WebMD / /

Cast: Taylor Swift, Meryl Streep, Henry Cavill

Synopsis: From the studio that brought you Joy comes a modern retelling of Cinderella, starring Swift as a young maid working at an exclusive L.A. hotel run by her stepmother (played by Streep). When a famous bass guitarist (Cavill) holds a New Year's Eve bash at the hotel, Ella must tidy up her act in order to impress him and escape the domineering grasp of her wicked stepmother.

Tagline: "She's a lean, mean, cleaning machine."

5. "I Know Places"

Big Machine /

Cast: Taylor Swift, Andrew Garfield

Synopsis: After witnessing the gruesome murder of her neighbor by a member of the mob, Celia (Swift) is placed in the witness protection program and flown from rural Pennsylvania to bustling London. Assuming a new identity, career, and life, things get complicated when Celia meets a handsome young Englishman (Garfield) with a secret of his own -- and the potential to expose all of Celia's.

Tagline: "Home is where the mob isn't."

6. "Wildest Dreams"

Big Machine / Black Book / / /

Cast: Taylor Swift, Zac Efron, Enrique Iglesias

Synopsis: A first-semester freshman at an elite New England university, impressionable Becky finds herself in a sticky situation when she's offered drugs at her first campus party. Desperately wanting to fit in, Becky concedes -- and is taken on the trip of a lifetime. During her drug-induced haze, Becky meets two men, the kind, handsome Brent (Efron) and sexy pop star Enrique Iglesias. Caught in the midst of a love triangle, Becky finds herself wondering -- does she really want to come down from this high?

Tagline: "Becky's got her head in the clouds."

7. "Blank Space"

Delta Sky Magazine / Men's Health /

Cast: Taylor Swift, Liam Hemsworth

Synopsis: Veronica knows one thing about her fiancé: he doesn't like to talk about his job. When Lance (Hemsworth) leaves for yet another "business trip" one cold January morning, Veronica (Swift) decides to do some snooping -- only to realize her fiancé isn't just a secret agent, but an intergalactic space ranger. Shocked at discovering the truth about her lover, Veronica heads into space on her own to follow her fiancé -- and fill the void in her heart induced by his absence. Set in the year 3,000, Blank Space is a thrilling rom-com sure to please the entire galaxy.

Tagline: "Their fate was written in the stars..."

8. "New Romantics"

Pantene / Lucky Magazine / Reserved /

Cast: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne

Synopsis: Reunited after four years apart at separate universities across the globe, best friends Jade (Swift), Nelly (Delevingne), and Ari (Gomez) converge for one wild rendez-vous in The City of Lights. Taking Paris by storm, the girls make up for years lost with one non-stop party that sees bellinis, boys, and breakfast at midnight. "New Romantics" is a film that showcases the importance of female friendship and late-night carbs.

Tagline: "The best people in life are free"

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