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The Frigid Winter Blues Summed Up By GIFs Of Really Hot Guys

The only way to stay warm, tbh.

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When you get out of the shower in mid-January.

NBC / Via

And when you think about leaving your house in mid-January.

Paramount Pictures

When you know you need more layers, but you're exhausted and leaving for work at the crack of dawn.

When you go a day without complaining about the weather and then it snows.

Screen Gems

Anytime you get to sit next to a space heater.

Touchstone Pictures

When it's February and cold and also you're single.

When someone mentions summer.

CBS Films

Anytime someone asks you how done you are with winter.

OWN / Via

And when you crawl in bed after a long, cold-ass day.

Warner Bros.

Whenever you think about the fact that winter is, like, an annual thing.

And when you realize summer is hella far away.


When you look at the weather forecast for the week and temperatures continue to plummet.

Twentieth Century Fox

Whenever someone offers to buy you a cup of steaming hot coffee.

When it snows and you envision a winter wonderland but you really end up with a desolate, dirty, snow-covered wasteland.


And in February when that groundhog reassures you there's only "six more weeks" of winter left or whatever.

Disney Channel

Stepping outside into yet another day of frigid bleakness and just accepting it.

The CW

Anytime someone says they "love winter."


When you wonder if maybe your body just isn't meant to handle these ungodly temperatures.


When you realize it's summer in Australia.

Island Records

Anytime you accidentally leave the house without gloves.


Whenever someone mentions 70 degree weather.


And anytime you hear the word "shorts."

Universal Pictures

Anytime someone tries to convince you that winter is "pretty" or "not that bad."

Fox 2000 Pictures / Via

And, finally, when you experience the first signs of spring/warmth/salvation.

DNCE / Via

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